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Need options. Bone loss and missing tooth.



Junior member
Mar 28, 2015
I had #24 tooth pulled 6 months ago.
The tooth root was bad since it had 90% reasorption. (I've had 50% bone loss in lower front teeth for years).
I was told more bone loss would occur after tooth was pulled. An xray was taken one month after tooth was extracted and I've had no more bone loss. 6 months later another xray, still no more bone loss.
I wanted an implant. Surgeon told me I have too much bone loss in that area due to periodontitis and filling it in with bone would not work and implant would fail. Ironically, another dentist had said that years earlier.

My bone loss hasnt become worse since tooth was pulled. Its seems to be a rumor that bone loss only happens when a tooth is pulled.
I believe its infection that causes bone loss, not a missing tooth. If something isn't pressing down on bone why would it dissolve? An infection is different.
Anyway, I dont want a bridge since it wrecks surrounding teeth. A denture is a pain since you take it in and out to clean.

Any ideas for a missing bottom tooth?
Adhesive bridge, Maryland or Rochette is the only other option.

Your theory on bone loss is not validated by lots of experimental evidence, but you can't apply population data to an individual :) first rule of Public Health.
It is not a theory, its antedoctal evidence(my experience). Each case is different.