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Need reassurance-Extraction #9

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Terrified in February

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Feb 1, 2024
Vermont, USA
Next week I am scheduled to have my front tooth, #9 extracted. I am 62 and have not had a life full of dental fears even though I have had root canals, crowns and wisdom teeth extracted. However, this particular tooth was injured when I was in a bad accident at age 6. I then had a root canal on it at age 45 because they said the trauma was causing the canal to calcify. I don't remember being extremely worried about that. This time though, every time I think about this tooth extraction, I break down crying and I feel terrified. I don't want to have a panic attack when I walk through their door. There is no general anesthesia as they keep telling me how "easy" this will be. I have a feeling that the reason it is so hard is connected to my accident at age 6. I almost died, there was a lot of concern about my losing my front teeth (which never happened) and my mother came home and saw my face smashed in and had a nervous breakdown causing her to not leave the house again for 18 months. SO....there is a lot of emotion tied to this tooth. If I think about having a molar removed, I don't feel terror....even though I suspect it would be a much harder extraction. Thoughts? (tooth is being extracted due to a major resorption issue and questions if it is contributing to some other health issues I am having)
I think you are right to suspect that your fear is connected to your accident. Have you thought about having some therapy around that? It is amazing how feelings can emerge decades later, probably because they need to be released (in my experience). Wishing you all the best with this. A horrible thing to have had happen.
@feelingbetter Yes, over the years I have done a ton of trauma work including CBT, EMDR and Brainspotting. Just goes to show how deep those roots go. Thanks
I may be facing an extraction soon, my first (other than wisdom teeth). My dentist told me that I shouldn't worry about it as it's not a big deal, but I find the whole idea of extraction disturbing and some of the bad stories I've heard doesn't help. All other dental procedures involve delicate work, but extraction is more forceful. I've decided if the extraction does turn out to be necessary that I'm going to go to a oral surgeon and get IV sedation. I know it will cost more but I just don't want to be awake while they do it. Just wondering if going to an oral surgeon for the extraction is an option for you?
@oneby Yes an oral surgeon is doing it. I am opting not to do general as a front tooth is less difficult and I don’t want the health risks associated with it. He did say he could give me a dose of nitrous oxide if I’m really anxious. Good luck to you!