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Need second opinion. HELP!



Junior member
Oct 12, 2013
So, my husband went to the dentist about two weeks ago and is having major teeth pain (multiple). His dentist wants to do a root canal on his top molar closest to his wisdom teeth but is outrageously expensive. He does have insurance but he has to come up with the money right on the spot and insurance will reimburse him. Anyway, my question is can he just get the tooth pulled instead of having a root canal. His dentist mind you, is the first time hes ever seen this dentist, says he cant get it pulled because the bottom molar will fall out because it has nothing to rest against. My husband says he doesnt want to lose more than one tooth and would rather have a root canal. But Ive talked to several people who have had root canals and just regular pullings and they have said they have never had any teeth fall out or move because of a tooth being pulled. I guess it could happen but that dentist is a little sketchy anyways. I need a second opinion please, from a dentist!


Well-known member
Sep 4, 2010
Extraction is the alternative to root canal treatment. What the dentist is talking about is a phenomenon called supra-eruption. The opposing tooth needs a "rest" and may, over time, come up from the socket. This causes less bone support for the tooth. It won't "fall out", but there will be less support for the tooth.