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need second set of braces - too late?



Junior member
Nov 11, 2007

OK. So I have already had braces onece, from 3rd grade to about 6th.
The othodonist said that I needed to get 2 sets of braces scince my  top jaw was smaller and I have a really bad underbite. He said also, that if I dont get help young, that they might have to break my jaw and it would cause sever headaches if I didnt do anything. I NEED HELP. It is about 4 years later and I still have not gotten my second set of braces.My under bite has reaturened and the other day part of my tooth chiped of. Another thing is I am 15 and still havnt lost all my baby teeth. IS this a problume? If you have any comment to make about this PLEASEEEE! I cant sleep I am so worried. Thank you very much. :scared:

Also, If they did have to break my jaw, how long would I be out? Could I talk?

also, sorry about the spelling and grammer. :/

:welcome:, If it makes you feel any better I'm 16. I just recently got my braces off. I'd highly reccomend getting them asap because the sooner you get them on, the sooner they take them off :party:. As for the baby teeth, they normally dont put on braces untill youve lost all your baby teeth, I can say this because I had to have 3 pulled before they put mine on :o. so if you havent lost all your baby teeth they might have to be pulled. And finnaly about the broken jaw, my friend broke his wakeboarding when he hit the dock :scared:. He could say stuff but it was really hard to understand and it was quite soft.

I'f your tooth chipped they will just    re-shape it with the same matireal they use for fillings ( the white type)

best of wishes
-mikey :thumbsup:

Are you still under the care of the orthodontist? You might want to go back in for a consultation as it sounds like they didn't get a chance to complete the work. Some jaw discrepancies need to be addressed early when there is a chance to take advantage of growth spurts. Other times jaw surgery is the only way to correct a problem. Rather than speculate, it's best just to go back in and let them tell you what is required.

As Mikey said, most likely a chipped tooth can be repaired. As for the baby teeth still being there, that can be a problem if they are ankylosed (stuck to the bone) or if there are congenitally missing teeth. Your dentist would be the best person to see to find out more about that.