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Need some advice on getting a second opinion.



Former Member
Dec 12, 2013
Ok, so here's my case in a nutshell:

Got a lot of work done with one dentist. Deep cleaning, several extractions, 2 fillings, and upper and lower partials. I am currently standing at 2 upper adjustments, 2 old lower adjustments, plus the trial fitting adjustment for a new partial, and the new lower partial adjustment the day I got it.

Neither the upper or lower are agreeing with me(upper is still creaking and shifting a tiny bit on the right plus I can't chew on the right side of the upper since it begins creaking more and came close to popping off once) and the lowers shift to the left when I try to eat on that side), i'm at this point refusing the wear the things, but i'm not sure if i want to go back to the same place, at least not right away, since all the trips I've had to do regarding the partials(total of 6 between the 2) hasn't worked out the problems so I might like to get a second opinion.

thing is I tried Yellow pages for dentists that deal with dentures but I got an insane number of search results but I have no clue what the first step is to narrowing down the results. Anyone have any advice?
I like to use Yelp to see reviews of dentists and see if people with whatever specific problem I"ve had have been in there and had a good experience.

I hope you can get adjusted to your partials soon! My dad has one and he says it took him a while. I'd definitely get a second opinion so that you can be out of discomfort.
I completely forgot bout yelp. Thanks.

Thanks but honestly by this point, I don't have much hope of that happening. I first got my uppers and lowers in early may right after the second batch of extractions and the lower(old one and even the new one) has NEVER agreed with me and the top's been a hit or miss. I had to get the molds for a new bottoms a week after extractions and I got the new lower last month but those stupid things started acting up shortly after we left but by that point, I had pretty much given up.

Currently been like a month since I got them and I haven't worn them that much since they aren't agreeing with me, especially when it comes to food and bite strength along with the previously mentioned issues. With no patials in, I can plow through pretty much any food that I could manage pre-extractions. Partials in? I can't even bite through a BK kids meal hamburger patty. Heck, I can't even bite through a piece of freaking watermelon with partials in since even if I just have the lowers in, I still have the shifting problem!

I really haven't been able to decide on what I should do yet. If I really wanted to try one more round with my current dentist, I could call in Monday. If I wanted to try tracking down a second opinion, I could get on that.