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Need some help with wisdom extraction



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Sep 12, 2019
Hi everyone,

I am writing to seek help regarding a few fears that I have and hoping that someone could help suggest ways that I could manage them.

Recently, my lower left wisdom teeth and the area surrounding it has become inflamed and is causing me minor discomforts. I know at the back of my mind that I need to get the teeth out, but I somehow lack the courage to do so. Despite having been through IV sedation and knowing rationally that it is not a scary process, my biggest fear this time round is the idea of having something removed from my body. My lower left wisdom teeth is erupted but at an angle, and I've managed to convince myself for a very long time that the teeth does not have to be removed. I find it very difficult to accept that fact that I need to have my teeth surgically removed again. I'm just really scared right now, despite the discomfort. Might any one have any suggestions for what I could do? Is there any way I could think differently about the situation?

Thank you for your attention.
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Hi tomorei,

you are not the only one who strggles with the thought of having something removed from your body. I haven't experienced this myself, but I know that many people did. Also, wisdom teeth is a difficult topic and in my experience pretty much everyone who has to have it done is scared.
If you would like to get another perspective on things and find ways to think differently about this situation, then getting some counseling (few sessions of cognitive behavior therapy would be great for that) may be good - it's exactly the kind of therapy that helps with thoughts that do not serve you.
Hi Enarete,

Thank you so much for your reply and suggestion, I have difficulty receiving help from psychiatrists and do not have enough financial support to visit them regularly/try out different people until I click.

May I ask if the people who were terrified with the thought of wisdom teeth removal (plus the removal of something from their body) managed to get through it?

I somehow feel especially vulnerable to the thought of the removal and Ive been feeling extremely overwhelmed.

Will IV sedation help erase these thoughts if I somehow manage for them to get the IV in?

I hope that my partner can hold me while they put in the IV and until I fall asleep but I’m also very worried that my surgeon would not allow this. Do you think this is a reasonable request?

So far, my partner holding me is the only way I can cope with this fear.

We have yet to schedule the appointment, and we decided for me to not know the date because otherwise I will freak out even more than I am now.
Sending virtual hugs and support, because I know how you feel. Believe me, I really do.

That's like, one of the main reasons why I haven't had my wisdom teeth removed, because I'm just absolutely terrified at the thought of having something removed from my body. Honestly, it's such a gruesome thought, like something out of a horror movie. Or at least that's how I see it anyway.

I don't have a means to cope with this fear or overcome it, but it sounds like you have a plan at least, and the support from your partner, which makes me very happy. Personally, I think what you're considering is a reasonable request. It doesn't hurt to ask. And in my opinion, I think they should allow it because it would help their patient feel more comfortable.

I think you can do it. And I'll be here supporting you too. Maybe not in person, but a virtual buddy is always nice. ❤
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Dear Catie,

Thank you so much for your support and love.

Yes the thought is horrifying, I feel sick whenever I think about it too; my dad actually tried to cheer me up and said if I was scared of having them removed from my body, they can just give it back to me after my surgery..?

I’m also terrified of having to go through this whole ordeal again, despite having done it for my right wizzies (which were buried under the bone, but this somehow gave me more courage - it’s like I struggle with my left wizzies because they’re erupted and somehow I can’t let them go...). I often just dream that they would just stick an IV in me at night and get it done without me even knowing, which is what I’m hoping for on the day. I hope that the IV calms me down enough so that my fear is removed..?

Right now I’m just telling myself that I my first step is to make it to the dentist on the day, and then I can decide if I want to go through with it...

I’ve been living in this nightmare for the past couple of days, ever since it’s been more confirmed that my discomfort (tightness) seems to not be subsiding. Sometimes I just want to wake up and wish that it would end. I’m literally so tired of the fear and stress. I’ve been lying on my bed all day because that’s the only place I can feel as though I can relax. Not sure what else I could do to cope. At this point I’m also worried that my dentist would find me a nuisance because of my fear.

Thank you for your words of encouragement.
It sounds like IV sedation may be a good idea. As Catie said, I don't think there should be any problem with you wanting to have your partner with you. Many people who are terrified of the dentist go for IV sedation and having someone with you can be really calming. So just go ahead and ask them, they will be used to this request.

Here is an article about what IV sedation does. Your experience should be that once they put it in, you wake up and it will be all done. It should feel like you were sleeping: