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Need some support for upcoming broken bottom molar extraction



Sep 20, 2019
New York
Hi everyone! I’m going through worst anxiety knowing my appointment is this Saturday for my broken lower molar extraction. Any support would be greatly appreciated from someone who has gone through this. Mine barely has any tooth left sticking up, huge filling in part of hole and a localized infection at root! I’m also a smoker. Any help for getting through procedure and after care would be greatly appreciated!!!
Hi Tracey, well done on scheduling after such a long time. I am sure you will be relieved after it's over. May I ask you what you worry might happen in regards of the extraction?

Removing teeth broken to the gumline belongs to the standard procedures dentists do every day and having an infection is most often a part of the package. It both doesn't mean there will be any difficulties with it, on the contrary, removing broken teeth is much easier, as you probably already have read here. We also have an article about healing, you can find there a here.
I guess I’m nervous about when I get home. I know I’ll be uncomfortable and won’t be able to just sleep that feeling away. I also smoke so will be dealing with the anxiety of needing to do that. For some reason in my head I feel it will be much worse and I will be in bed for days in pain. I am trying to change my thought pattern and getting other people’s experiences so I don’t fear the worst.
I guess I’m nervous about when I get home. I know I’ll be uncomfortable and won’t be able to just sleep that feeling away.

If I thought I would be unable to sleep due to pain for days after an extraction I would be freaking out too. Luckily that is not true. Pain after an extraction is completely manageable with over the counter pain killers. Even people who get their wisdom teeth out (just imagine - 4 extractions at once) only need few painkillers during the first 2-3 days and are fine. You will very likely sleep like a baby straight after the treatment as anxiety makes tired. If you want to be sure, take one painkiller before the procedure already. Should you find yourself at a place of the painkiller not working (doesn't happen often, but is not impossible), call your dental practice straight away. They will be able to fit you in and take care of it. No need to endure anything.

While being able to avoid or reduce smoking is the best thing, you wouldn't be the first smoker that wouldn't be able to quit for several days. Here is link to some information about smoking after an extraction. Hope it helps