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Need support to call the dentist (again)



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Jul 14, 2009
Hello everyone.
Sorry this will be long.

I posted here a few months back. I hadnt been to the dentist in 18 years and finally "bit the bullet" and went in June b/c my 4 y/o is starting to go to the dentist and I dont want her to see my fear. Plus I was experiencing major pain in my mouth and thought for sure they would have to pull all my teeth out. :( My father has been afraid of dentists for since I can remember and never took care of his teeth so I had to stop the cycle when I became a mom.

DH researched and found what he thought was a good one and after my first appt I was told I needed 2 root canals and 3 crowns on my upper right side. Even though that was scary I was relieved that I didnt need to have all my teeth pulled.

So I braved it and went in for the rct and temp crowns. I was so afraid I had to do the sedation (they gave me 2 of those blue pills 1 hr before the appt saying I wouldnt remember anything). We got the the office, I sat in the chair and I still felt totally normal-like I hadnt even taken any meds. I started to cry b/c I didnt want to "remember" what they were doing and this medicine was suppose to help me forget. It took them 4 more pill until I even started to feel the effects.

Fast forward, got through that and had to go back for the crown work. I tried to brave it this time w/ out meds (" You can do it Jenn!") because they said it wouldnt hurt and I was trying to be brave. So I went in and the 1 hr appt turned into a 3 hr appt. They could not get the temp crowns off. It had adheared that much to my teeth! So they are yanking and pulling around in my mouth. I am hearing little cracks and pops and they are pulling, and pulling but nothing. Then I hear them say "This has never happened to anyone else." Great. Just what someone who totally fears the dentist wants to hear. They try to loosen around each tooth b/c they put the temp crown on as 1 big blob over all 3 teeth that need crowns (b/c they are in a row). When they get to the back tooth and start prying it feels like a bolt of lighting when ever they touch it and I start crying. :scared:

They say the last tooth might be a little sensitive b/c it is the one that still has the nerve. I keep trying to grin and bear it but tears are streaming down my face.

So the dentist says "ok we will have to numb this" and I am freaking out b/c I need a shot and I was not prepared to do this. So they try to give me some of that gas to calm me down (doesnt work very well) and finally I am so upset that I say "Just give me the shot!" as I am crying. After that, the back tooth nerve does go numb but it still takes them an additional 45 minutes to pry the temp cement off :cry:). My poor jaw hurt so much that evening! Then they fit my permanent crowns and ask how the bite feels (kinda hard to tell when you have novacaine on the side. :( ).

Anyway I try my best to figure that out, they do a bit of shaving off the top and then cement the permanents in. I go home and they are sore for a few days.

Now it is two weeks later and I am still having pain when I tap down on that side. :( It doesnt feel like its pain coming from the back one that has the nerve. It feels like it is coming from the middle one. I have to call them back b/c it is waking me up at night and is still sore anytime I tap on it. Like "Ouch minor lightning"" type of sore.

This stinks. I worked so hard to get up the courage to do this. I thought my mouth would feel better. But here I am up in the middle of the night just like I was before I bothered going to the dentist.

I have to call them. I am afraid of going back. :cry:
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You have called them before and you can do it!! Think of how good you will feel when you are pain free! And further more, think how proud you will feel with yourself for making the call and going along. You can do it!!! just take a deep breathe and call the number. I know how you feel-trust me!! :) but i think you have been through the worst of it already. Good luck! :magicwand:
I'm sorry you've had such a hard experience so far, but look just how far you've come already! You really do need to make that call and get the pain sorted out. You can ask them to numb the area before they do anything so you don't feel any pain. It may be something as simple as filing down a crown a bit to adjust your bite.

It IS hard to judge when they first put the crowns on. I could never tell if it was right until the LA wore off and the soreness in my jaw subsided. What seemed okay to me there in the chair was sometimes totally off according to my dentist.

You deserve to be comfortable. But the only way to get there is to make that call.
Sorry you had such a hard experience and are now experiencing problems. I can sympathise, I kinda feel like I have lived at the dentist for the past few weeks due to problems after an extraction! It's hard going back and annoying because you expected it to be fine after the work was done but I felt that I had gone through this much, I couldn't leave it and maybe let it cause more problems in the future (not saying thats the case for you). I knew I would constantly be worrying if I didn't get it checked just as you probably are. Can someone make the call for you and come along with you to support you? The pain must be really getting you down and as Cielo says you deserve to be pain free and also happy and etting the rest you need. Please make the call.

Let us know how you get on.
Thanks everyone. I made the call. Going in on Friday.

Have a mentioned...I hate the dentist. I hope this is it.
Good! Well done! I hope it goes ok for you. We will be keeping the fingers crossed!

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