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Need to face my fear today with IV Sedation



Dec 4, 2013
So its now just 5 hours from me writing this till my dental appointment. Im in a lot of pain and need to get some root canal done before bigger problems happen. Ive decided to try to IV sedation and get this sorted. Ive managed to face my fear and have a few extractions done and a filling but i hated it and have bad memories of them. This is my hopeful way of getting on top of the work needing done in my mouth that doesnt get done because of my fear.

Ive cancelled a few appointments before now due to complete fear and one ended with me in the dentists chair but i was in such a huge state of panic that i wouldnt allow any sedation.

My plan for today is to get back in that chair and just get the sedation as from what i hear once i done that im pretty much sorted (If anyone can clarify this it would be great)

Also any comfort or boosts of confidence anyone can offer me would be great.

I need to get this done and im trying everything possible including this forum.

Thank you.


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Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
As a dentist who sees apprehensive patients who avoided dentistry for years your feelings are well understood.
I often tell patients that it doesn't matter what has happened in the past and I'm NOT the dentist who has treated you in the past. I ask patients to see this like a restaurant in that the service and quality will vary greatly depending on where you go. Why isn't the same true in dental care? I'll spend time getting to know what someone needs and more importantly knowing what to avoid and then just ask someone to try and give me a chance. This works very well. IV sedation also helps extremely well to get over the initial treatment but usually not required long term.
I wish you the best and remember that noone whats to hurt you and no matter what in a couple of hours it will be over.