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Need To Go to the dentist but so embarrassed



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Mar 2, 2023
Due to being incredibly depressed most of my life and not looking after myself and not having dental hygiene impressed upon me as a child I find myself at 34 with most of my top teeth missing and the 4 I have left rotted into oblivion. I literally look like I have fangs it honestly makes me suicidal. And half my bottom teeth missing and the other half rotting half away. I have really bad social anxiety in general and going to the dentist is terrifying because I'm so embarrassed. I see before/after pics of people with bad teeth and inhave never seen any as re otelt bad as mine. Also I can't really afford dental treatment which is another reason I have been putting it off. I can only afford like £2k at the absolute most and I'm worried it will be thousands for all the work I need done.
Hi. Sorry to read about your difficult situation. It is very common among dental anxious people. I think the biggest challenge is to find a good dentist, who will treat you according to your dental, mental and financial needs. It’s not easy but still continue striving until you get to a healthy mouth and the quality of life as you deserve.
Please allow me to share with you a few videos I made which might be helpful:
Fear of embarrassment during a dental visit

How the dental check-up can tell you whether the dentist treats painfully or not

Self blaming, shame and guilt in light of dental problems
@MikeyMole I've just read your post and I feel extremely sorry for you, as dental issues can literally dominate your life and I guess that's where you are at the moment. No wonder you are feeling so anxious, with uncertainty ahead.

How are things at the moment for you?
I'm guessing that you live in the UK as your post mentioned £2K, surely the NHS is an option? or am I being totally naive?

Good luck.
I’m so sorry you’re in this situation. Im in a similar situation and people that have never been through it do not know how humiliating and debilitating it can be. My life revolves around my teeth and have caused me to hardly leave the house in the last 2 years.
I actually have a cracked and infected tooth that is causing me to be sick right now. I told my sister I think I’d rather just not wake up then go to the dentist and I’m someone who has always loved life and been a happy go lucky person so this is so hard to handle.

I wish you the best and hope we can both push through this fear and get the work done that is needed.
This is my first time on this site so sorry if I’m rambling too much I’m just happy I found it.