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Need to have my lower right 2nd Molar extracted- Is it necessary to have bone Graf



Junior member
Oct 31, 2013
Need to have my lower right 2nd Molar extracted- Is it necessary to have bone Graf

So a couple of weeks ago I started to have a tooth ache. It went away, but I was worried so I went to see a dentist last Monday. AFter the XRays, he basically told me that while my teeth are in good shape (no cavities) My gums definitely need work! :( After taking a look at the molar that was giving me pain he told me that it is loose and the xrays indicate infection. He told me I absolutely need to have it removed and also sceduled me for deep cleaning/ scaling. I asked him at the visit whether I could have a spacer put in to avoid shifting and he said no. (I never grew wisdom teeth, so the molar in question is the farthest one back) I asked whether they would extract it on that day and he said no, that he would still want me to see their periodontist for a second opinion even though he was very certain it would have to be removed. I just saw the periodontist yesterday and she agreed with him, but I wanted to get pricing on the extraction with my insurance. She told me the extraction would be $30 and also included pricing for a bone graf that my insurance does not cover at a cost of $690.

I can probably borrow money from a family member to have this done, but I truly can not afford it. From what I've read, unless I plan on getting an implant it shouldn't be necessary unless I have lost a lot of bone. I really can not afford it myself, but I need to know what the longterm issues with not having a bone graf are before deciding whether or not to borrow money for the graf. Is it really that bad or are they simply trying to scare me into paying extra money? I am also concerned that they have painted a really grim picture about my having to have it removed yet they have re-scheduled the extraction for mid December and at no time have they given or offered any antibiotics for this supposed infection under my tooth. (It is also loose)
Re: Need to have my lower right 2nd Molar extracted- Is it necessary to have bone Graf

The points you raise are true and understandable. I will give you my opinion but it is certainly better asking the dentist directly.
The bone graft is not mandatory, it is beneficial not only for implants but also for future dentures. If it is too expansive, I would suggest to skip it (even though I don't know the clinical situation).
It sounds strange that you went to a dentist with a pain complain and didn't get any remedy (Maybe for a good reason but I could not find one in your description). Having said that: it is always better to ask a second opinion from the right expert, so at least they did the best to save the tooth.
It is better to extract the tooth after cleaning (less bacteria in the mouth thus less complications with the extraction). Maybe the infection was too spread out or too active and they wanted to wait a bit with the extraction but than I would expect antibiotics or other active attempts to lessen the inflammation.