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Needing a cigarette after a tooth extraction?



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I just had one of my back teeth (not wisdom) pulled out about 4 hours ago, the tooth had a root canal done to it about a year ago but I never got a crown put on it, and it crumbled and chipped away so I had it pulled out. I know about the whole dry socket thing, and avoiding putting suction on the tooth, but my question is, with no nerve there (since it was already root canaled a year ago) am I still at risk to be effected by dry socket pain? Thanks
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An extraction is an extraction, it doesn't make any difference what condition the tooth was in. The gum has to heal and by sucking you risk the clot coming loose and out of the socket. The same goes for sucking through straws. Also spiting is not to be done either. You are at risk of dry socket for the first 72 hours after extraction. Try and go without a cig as long as you can to give yourself the best chance of healing.

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i had the pretty much the same thing done on my teeth. i didnt listen and smoked and i got dry socket. It was the most painful thing i have ever experienced. Dont do it
What I tell my smoking patients after an extraction: please don't smoke. But, if you really have to smoke, cover the extraction site with a wet sterile gauze (and I provide quite a few of these) and let the smoke stay as far as possible away from the wounded tissue.