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Needing advice! Newby here =)



Junior member
Dec 12, 2016
Hi! I just recently started going to the dentist again, after putting if off for about 10 years. The cleaning wasn't bad at all. I have two teeth that I lost, and basically all that's left are the roots. I obviously need to get those pulled. I have a tooth on the top right side that needs a root canal. I was supposed to have it done this morning but of course I rescheduled if. I'm SO scared! I've been having constant panic attacks thinking about going. I've never taken anti anxiety meds, so that's kind of out of the question. The tooth itself is a little tender, but knock on wood, doesn't hurt too bad. I noticed two days ago that right below my cheek bone is tender also. Could this be from the tooth? The dentist said I'll be fine to way until Monday to be seen but of course I'm freaking out!
Hello and welcome. Can you say what about the root canal makes you most anxious? I've had 4 (5 if you count the retreated one) and they were all pain free. Also, yes, the pain in your face could be from the tooth. Likely, the only risk of waiting until Monday is that the tooth could start to bother you more.
I already have severe anxiety as it is, so sitting in place for a long period of time freaks me out. And I think it's the numbing shots that add freaking me out the worst! I've heard of so many stories that it makes the heart race. Ugh. I'm a mess
Hi and welcome on the forum :)

Root canals have a bad reputation but dentistry has changed so much these days it is really not that bad at all. By having tried out a lot of procedures it wasn't much worse as a filling. You would absolutely get local injectons so you wouldn't feel pain in the tooth. If by any chance you would feel anything during the procedure it is very important to let your doctor know. The whole point of RCT is to kill off the nerve in your tooth, if you feel pain (usually sharp) then there is still some nerve there and if you let them know they can take care of it.
Otherwise the rest is mostly drilling - again not to bad. They also need to clean the roots which is a strange feeling. You don't feel pain or anything that would hurt you but you would be aware that they have some tools in you tooth. I used to be so scared of this but it was surprisingly not scary.

i hope this helps a bit :dunno: