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Nerve damage - total numbness



Junior member
Nov 20, 2017
Hello, so I very recently just had all 4 wisdom teeth removed this past Monday (Nov. 13), so it's been a full week since I've had them removed, and I have full numbness across my entire chin, bottom lip (inside and out) and bottom row of teeth and gums. It favors no sides, it's equal on both sides of the lip and chin...as a visual I have numbness in all to where you expect a ventriloquist doll would be able to move their mouth. :( The top center part of the bottom lip I do feel about 50% but it's more pressure than actual feeling, and the corners I feel nothing, no pressure no temperature. My chin I oddly feel temperature, well I am feel the coolness of like fingertips but no pressure or anything else. In all honestly I'm am pretty petrified of the severity of it all.

My bottom lip and chin can barly move when I try to do anything, talk, smile or drink or anything...and I'm now a drooler too which adds extra points to the mortification. I've read the forums and read of people having tingling and pins and needles feeling... I very very very little of that, if I do it barly and it's when I'm in bed trying to sleep. What I do have is random twitching sensations (no actual visible muscle movement) on the inside of the right bottom jaw/cheek. And also I get like these shooting pains at random times, still only in the right side, that are so brutal it brings tears to my eyes. The best I can describe them are like a tiny bubble pops somewhere and then it's like I slammed my teeth on metal...well my bottom right side of teeth. I'm not externally swollen, perhaps I am internally still, not too sure, so perhaps there's pressure. I do ache in like one bottom tooth in the front...but the parts where I'm really numb arnt really sending me that many signals, an occasional pulse-like beat in my bottom lip...but my whole chin is no where on my neurological radar.

I did talk to my nurse and she did say both my teeth were broken into pieces when they were removed, which makes me think there was a good bit of trauma, but that it's still early and that I should just monitor it until the 2 week fu visit on the 27th. All in all, I really am super anxious about this numbness and all I read about are people having certain side of the chin being numb, but nothing of where the whole chin and lip are numb, and also their progression from this. Has anyone expierenced this and had a full recovery? Or know of anyone? I'm genuinely nervous that I won't get movement or sensation back in my face. Any tips or help would really ease my worries. Thank you!