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Nerves seriously kicking in and appointment is delayed



Mar 17, 2012
So after almost 19 years of not going to a Dentist due to my awful fear of the chair and what is going to happen. Today (Thurs 22) was supposed to be my appointment but yesterday I called the surgery to check that they did definitely have me down as an NHS patient (they do so all is ok there and I am in no position whatsoever to go private nor do I have the means to pay for any type of "dental plan") but I also realised that on my initial visit to book the appointment I had not checked about stairs - I cannot go up or down stairs or even in lifts - I get so panicky in them I only use stairs in the house never anywhere outside.

Anyway, bad news my appointment today would have been upstairs - which was a huge no,no for me - thankfully they were good enough to rearrange so I can be seen on the ground floor but I now have to wait until Monday morning at 9.30 - I was just getting myself psyched for today but now there will be this delay and I'm more panicky than ever.

I know I need my teeth sorted out wether they can fix the ones I still have or they extract them and give me dentures, one way or another I need teeth that are not disgusting and rotten but I'm not feeling as brave now as I had started to be when I initially booked the appointment.:shame::shame::shame::shame::shame::shame:


Junior member
Mar 23, 2010
Oh I know how you feel, I have to go twice. Maybe try fixing on something good to get excited for in the future to take your mind off it, that what I try and do.