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Nervous about appointment tomorrow.



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May 10, 2021
I am seeing my own dentist tomorrow...for the first time in many years, & am already nervous about the prospect. Prior to Covid, & first lockdown in UK...I was regularly seeing my Hygienist at the practice every 3 mths...due to severe gum disease. However, the last time I saw her, she concentrated so hard in one area...that two of my bottom middle teeth became loosened. However, I would have returned sooner, but was on Chemo from May to Oct. in '20...& my Oncologist had kittens - when I broached the subject of having any dental work carried out.

So, in that time, I also had a very loose back Molar tooth...which was agonising to chew on...yet the right side of my mouth is the only place I have a bite. That tooth also caused three infections & antibiotics over the past year. To cut a long story....said Molar fell out cleanly 10 days ago...& to me looked intact, but no bleeding. (Obviously, my dentist will be able to ascertain if it's healed or not,) but I've had no pain in that area whatsoever. The fact that it's gone is somewhat of a relief to me TBH. I am hoping to have Chicken & Veg. Soup this evening...after ten days of boringly soft stuff. Do you think that sounds okay after this length of time?

Yet also this past week, I experienced severe pain along my bottom gums....which were red & swollen. (Hence my phone call to dentist.) It felt like I had been kicked in my chin by a horse. It was difficult to eat, smile or even speak for a few days. After numerous salt rinsing, Corsodyl swills....Thankfully, it's slowly getting back to normal.

I had a major Op. two years ago, & a lung procedure last year...& coped with them both very well. I really don't understand my dental phobia....which I never had when I was young. And I can't remember any traumatic experiences when young - that may have caused this mounting fear as I have gotten older.

BTW...If anyone knows of a safe product that whitens teeth a little - please let me know!

& thanks for reading!
Hi there.

Sound likes you have been through a lot recently and honestly it’s not surprising to be nervous about going back after a while. As you have lost some of the familiarity of going, but I’m sure it will be fine.
Phobias are one of those things sometimes they don’t necessarily make perfect sense in relation to other things we don’t mind. Such as I have known people to have many tattoos and piercing but are terrified and will not have injections like the flu jab due to needle phobia.

Sorry I don’t know much on whitening. also I’m not a dentist so I’m not sure about this but from experience im
Pretty sure I was eating non soft foods after extractions around that length of time or maybe a bit sooner. I suppose just see if your mouth feels ready. Or eat in the other side is possible.
Thanks for your response Molar Bear...much appreciated. My mouth just feels ready to eat anything that isn't Stewed apples & custard & Salmon Linguine!