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Nervous about getting unnecessary treatment, cant't change my dentist



Junior member
Jul 26, 2017
Okay, so last time our family went to the dentist, my mother wound up needing 4 cavities filled and a roo canal and later one of the cavities got infected and they gave her another root canal. She says her teeth still feel weird and that was over six months ago. Her teeth were always great, she took good care of them, and she said she had no pain, but they told her she needed a root canal anyway. She said the experience was extremely long, drawn out and very painful- which I've been told it shouldn't be. Her previous dentist never caused such intense and long pain.

Shouldn't you have pain if you need a root canal? I understand the cavities because they could be small and unnoticeable, but how do you need two root canals and just not know or have any pain previously? I feel like that shouldn't happen.

I think I have 2 cavities, both on my molars, both on the sides (as opposed to the top.) Neither hurt- no cold sensitivity, heat sensitivity, anything really- and one is a tiny brown dot and the other is a tiny pit with no discoloration. I know I'll likely have to get them filled, but I'm worried they'll tell me I need root canals, etc as well. I hate the dentist and have a lot of anxiety, but I'm afraid I can't say no if they tell me I need a root canal as my parents will make me do it.

I'm also worried about my wisdom teeth. They came in early for me- by the time I got braces all 4 were already in, and they had braces put on them so they wouldn't mess up the alignment of my mouth. I use them for chewing and I don't see a reason they should be removed- our previous dentist always said they looked fine, but this dentist insists I might need them taken out even though my orthodontist and previous dentists said they were okay and they don't cause issues. My orthodontist actually said I was one of the lucky ones because they all came in where they were supposed to be. I'm worried they'll try to make me remove them even though it would mess up my retainer and how I chew, and according to other professionals, is completely unnecessary.

TL;DR: I feel like my dentist gives a lot of unnecessary treatments, but I can't do anything about changing my dentist because my parents won't, and I'm worried about being given extensive treatment that won't help me at all. What do I do?
If you don't trust your dentist then can you ask whether he can prove you need the treatment? Either show you the xray radiographs, show them to you on the mirror or even use a camera?
Finding someone you can trust may help with your anxieties.