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nervous about wisdom teeth



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Aug 22, 2018
so my summer has been pretty tough in dealing with wisdom tooth pain. it has been on and off for about than a year and on a half my left bottom side making it tough to eat and sleep at times. but a couple weeks ago my right side got in extreme pain and it was very swollen. I went to urgent care after around 3 days of pain, but they couldnt do anything so i went to the surgeon the next day.(i went for a consultation 8 months before). when i went i noticed the pain was a bit less and so i guess i wimped out of the procedure. and after a couple more days it did go down, but i have been in alot if anxiety since about the pain coming back. i have the extraction appointment in four days and i have some of the normal pain and swelling now (impacted tooth as normal). i think im nervous because for the last year my parents have been insisting that i not get the surgery despite my better judgement i seem to be listening to them even now after the whole ordeal they feel i should take them out one or two at a time.but im 21. but the stress of the infection /abcess coming back has really taken a toll on me mentally and physically im just going to ask for all four taken out no GA cause going under seems unnecessary.


is the pain of having a wisdom tooth (abcess) worse or less than recovering from surgery?

is it even worth doing wisdom teeth one or two at a time?

i am somehow both nervous about keeping my wisdom teeth and removing them and the complications associated
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Jul 1, 2018
If you were advised to get them out by the oral surgeon and/or your dentist, I would get them out. I had all four of mine removed under GA (they were impacted), and the recovery was painful for about three days, then on the third day, there was dramatic improvement. It wasn't healed, but I felt like being up and around again. Stock up on soft foods.

You don't want to mess with abscesses. My husband put off having his wisdom teeth out for two years. He finally went in after having an abscess that went into his sinus cavity. He chose to do a local anesthetic only, and the procedure went fine. However, the fact that he waited so long made him lose his 2nd molar as well, on the side with the abscess. It was pretty nasty by the time he went in. All this to say get it done now, before it gets worse! I know how scary it is, but you can do it.