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Nervous and sedation



Junior member
Aug 29, 2023
Hi all,

Well less then 24 hours to go until I am at the dental hospital in Birmingham for my sedation and extractions.

So many scenarios running through my head.

Will my high blood pressure mean the appointment is cancelled or will the sedation bring it down once I am relaxed?

What if the sedation doesn't work and I feel it all?

I am not looking forward to this at all.
All the best for tomorrow @Markb1980 - keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes really well for you 🤗

P.S. in case you haven’t seen these before, you can find other people’s experiences with IV sedation here:

Hope it all went well I have had sedation and couldnt recall a thing . Hope your same
Yes how did it go @Markb1980? Hope everything went smoothly :)
How did it go? Hope it all went smoothly and you're healing well