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Nervous..appointment tomorrow



May 3, 2021
just writing for some support..I have my first dentist appointment with a new dentist that I “interviewed” a couple months back and she seems really nice, I’m happy to be seeing a female since all my traumatic dental experiences in the past have been with male dentists..I am not trying to be sexist nor am I saying that all male dentists are bad dentists I’m just speaking from personal experience. Tomorrow will be my first appointment in a few years and they will be doing x rays and a general exam to let me know what needs to be done. I am so so anxious about it because I am so used to only getting bad news, never good. I have a back molar that has had a crown on it for about ten years that I can tell is either going to need replacing (the best option) I am so afraid they will tell me it needs to be pulled, there is some beginning stages of periodontal disease between that tooth and the one in front and I am so afraid of what they will tell me..I need that tooth to chew as the One behind it was already extracted. I know I can’t cancel and I have to just to because the waiting and wondering and letting my thoughts ruminate around what could be wrong and playing out all different scenarios is worse than actually going and finding out. I just wish I could control the anxiety but it is my trauma experiences seeping through. I’ve been having multiple nightmares the last few nights and I know I’ll have them again tonight and sleep like crap. I will take Ativan before I go and I hope that will help. Appointment is tomorrow at 2 pm. Any advice will be so greatly appreciated….
I don't have any advice for your specific circumstances but just wanted to say good luck and you are brave for even scheduling an appointment and getting this far. I had my first appointment in years today with a female dentist which was my preference too. Spend about half the appointment with me talking and her just listening. No judgement or berating from her and she explained everything in layman's terms for me too. This time tomorrow you will k ow where you stand and what needs done. X
Thank you for your reply. It helps to know that you’re not alone, this platform is so incredibly helpful. I’m happy you went! You should be very proud of yourself. I’m glad the dentist was understanding and listened to you, that’s all we can ask for. Someone with compassion. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Take care!
Let us know how you get on tomorrow. This forum was a god send for me I wouldn't have went without reading everyone's messages and knowing that we are not alone x
I feel the exact same way! I will update tomorrow ☺️