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Nervous as hell



Junior member
Feb 15, 2014
Hi all,

I have an appointment at a dentist on the 6th Jan at 1130am.

I am so so nervous. I am going really to be referred to the Birmingham dental hospital because the treatment is free. As I can't afford the fees sadly.

I am going to ask for IV sedation as I feel that will help me the most. I am so nervous about needles. Hate them. Hated having the COVID jab.

But so nervous.
Good luck. Feel free to come back with any questions you have after your visit.
Good luck my friend!

You’ve already demonstrated a lot of courage.

No matter what happens the 6th (and it will go great) you already are a success.

Please do update us then.
Just saw this. How did your appt on the 6th go for you?