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Nervousness about existing fillings.



Junior member
Apr 19, 2018
So I have had this fear before but would like to maybe address the question a bit more. I have 8 fillings after years of neglect due to anxiety and emotional abuse (I was trapped in a bad domestic abuse situation), and I am on the downward side of stabilizing my life again.

One thing that I want to know is what does having so many fillings realistically mean for me. I know 8 is a lot of fillings, and I am not entirely sure how big each one was, but I do know at least 3 were sizeable because they were what set off my anxiety, depression, and ultimately why I decided to go in to see a dentist, where he found 5 more. I want to know, with proper care, COULD that mean the end of this ordeal for me, that is to say that with proper brushing flosisng, dieting, mouth wash and so on, could that be the end of my dental troubles, does having a filling necessarily mean I will lose a tooth down the road, I am aware that I COULD lose them, but I want to know does it mean that I WILL eventually lose a tooth. I am wondering if my fear is overblown and I could go back to just a normal productive life and my teeth will be alright. I am terrified about losing any teeth, and I do not want to lose any teeth at all, but the thought of "Ok I have fillings I will lose teeth" is getting to the point its causing bad anxiety and scaring me badly. I want to know if that is an overblown fear, I believe it is a plausible fear, but I want to know if people with several cavities never have trouble with them again over 10 20 30+ years if they properly care for them.

Any advise or inputs is greatly appreciated.
Not sure if I'm answering your question properly, I've got fillings that are over 45 years old in some of my teeth. I've also had a LOT more than 8 fillings. Thanks to growing up in Glasgow in the 60s :)

So yes, if you change your diet, stick the bristly end of a toothbrush in there a couple of times a day then your fillings will last for ages.
Thank you so much Gordon. That was exactly what I was asking and wanted to know and I appreciate your response so much. Was having extreme fear that my fillings meant I would need more work done on them in the future, and wanted to know that with proper care if they could/would last. I feel like 8 fillings is a lot, to me it is a nightmarishly high number, but I guess the worries about doom and gloom are over done, as you explained per your own experience.

Thank you again I appreciate your response greatly!