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Never been to dentist.... Terrified



Junior member
Jun 19, 2013
Spartanburg, SC
Hi everyone..... So I am afraid of going to the dentist! My parents never took me! I will be 19 in August and am going to the dentist for the first time tomorrow at 12:00 because of problems with my wisdom teeth! They're gonna do an X-ray and check up of sorts! I've never been so scared of something I'm my life! Scared of what they will say/do because I've never been and scared of treatment in general! Just need some input and support! Surely I'm not the only person who's never been? How bad is it? And is it normal to be afraid? HELP
It's VERY normal to be afraid.

For starters, take some comfort in knowing no treatment will happen at your first appointment. Xrays and talking but no treatment unless you have an emergency and you'd already know if you did as you'd be in pain. :)

So they will xray, and discuss treatment options once they know what the problem is. If you need extractions, you can likely be put under a bit and not know a thing happened. But I will say from recent experience, even extractions can happen pretty comfortably!

Dentists now are very advanced. So you will be surprised at how comfortable you can be if you find a good dentist, and one you are comfortable with.
Thank you for your input.... About an hour away from appointment time! Hope I do okay!
I hope it goes smoothly. You can get through this. :clover:
Bless you bug,

How did you get on? xx You're among friends here - we all totally get how you feel.:XXLhug: xxx
I survived today.... X-ray and scheduling of cleaning and extraction! Cleaning is tomorrow and extraction is Monday! I am a little calmer now that I know what's going on! The dentist was precious so hopefully with much prayer Monday will go well!! I left with a Valium and loritab prescription I'm sure both will come in handy! Thank you for your concern!
How did it go with your appointment on Monday, I hope it went well :butterfly: