Never ending mystery dental drama



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May 21, 2010
Hello! I am new to the forum process. About a month ago, my bottom right gum started hurting. My dentist said that the tooth which was crowned and had root canal had an infection, My father in law who is an oral surgeon said get that tooth out because its been perforated. (he will do the implant but he didnt remove it bc we live in a different state.) had it removed and started feeling funny in my gums above it. Was told it was referred pain after looking at xrays. Gave it another week. Gums on top right AND left are feeling funny and somewhat painful. My dentist says we need to replace a filling on the left as well as add a new one. He also said he saw a shadow on the right and would put a filling there. I did it and 2 days later, everything hurt! I finally got smart and asked my oral surgeon here to recommend a new dentist. He had to replace all of my fillings bc old dentist did not bond right. A week later, the right one was acting up. I ended up needing root canal (right above my extraction) NOW the left upper gum feels funny and uncomfortable. The endodontist said that even though I needed the root canal, he didnt think that was what is causing the gum problems and that after 2 weeks he can look again and refer me to a periodontist. I am frustrated and scared b/c I feel like I am taking advil or pain meds a lot and no one has answers. Does this sound like a similar situation that anyone has experienced? I will go see the periodontist but I wanted to just put this out there. Thanks for reading!


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Nov 6, 2005
sounds to me that you have just been unlucky that a few problems have arisen at once. without taking a look at xrays and the teeth, it is really hard to make any other comment or give any other advice. i hope it all works out and that you get the pain sorted out.
best wishes
dr mike