Never Numb finally gets numb



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Jul 19, 2009
Yesterday I treated a very nice person who has had a very long history of anesthesia resistance. She says she gets injections and feels sort of numb but it always and I mean always hurts that the teeth are never numb. According to her when she hurt her face and needed sutures that the local didn't even work for that so she ended up with a scar. Her dentist about 4 hours away from me sent her to me for a crown and root canal.
I did sedate her but she also has a very high resistance to sedation drugs too. However I was able to obtain profound anesthesia for her. The root canal was completed and so was the crown with absolutely no pain at all.
Her fear and anxiety was strictly based on a lack of anesthesia other than that she is fine with dental care.
We all were very happy yesterday.