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Never Really Was This Bad In The Past



Junior member
Sep 2, 2009
Hi All,

I'm reading a lot of threads getting a lot of ideas, thanks!

Here's my issue:
I'm a male and 45. I have had dental issues all my life, bad genes I suppose :rolleyes:
I have always had a bit of anxiety going to the dentists in the past, but now it seems like it's snowballing into near panic attacks.

I went today to get a simple teeth cleaning and checkup. As soon as I sit in the chair the rush set in. I KNOW this is self manifested and am doing it to myself, but it starts to loop in my head and it gets hard to control. After my cleaning the dentist came in looked around and told me I needed 2 crown. All I could think was, "I can't sit there for those" I still need to make an appointment, but I really need to get this irrational anxiety and panic feeling under control.

I like my dentist, I'm not worried about pain, but for some reason I can't control the anxiety as soon as they start. I am calm and in a good state of mind before I go into the dentist. I'm actually anticipating my anxiety and feeling of panic.

Perhaps someone with a simalr experience that has overcome this can provide a couple of tidbits for me :)


Welcome to the forum. I am a psychologist specializing in anxiety disorder. Send me a PM and we can chat. I will get you the tools and techniques I use with my patients.

Blessings. :)
Method that has worked for me (and I was unable to go for 24 years) is a) to ensure that I give myself a 'reward' for getting through it and b) to continually tell myself throughout the treatment that it will be over soon and focus on that. I really was utterly terrified and have got through a filling and 2 deep cleans (which do make your eyes light up!).

My legs shake so much when I walk in I think they are going to give way - so I do understand how you feel!

Do try it on your next appointment, and I hope it helps you too.