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Never thought I'd do it but I did!



Junior member
Dec 29, 2006
Firstly to everyone reading this who hasn't managed to get their treatment done yet, please know that like me you are 100% capable of doing it. I used to read all the success stories on here and think 'I wish I could do that', but what I've learned over the past few months is that you need to go at your own pace. Sure, I wish I'd done it sooner but the pace I did it at was the best way for me, and I'm glad I took the time to find a great dentist and take things at a speed that got me to actually have the treatment.

After 10 years of avoiding dentists, keeping a toothbrush in every bag I carried and generally being terrified of ever getting the problem sorted I got my first treatment yesterday!!

Let me tell you straight off - IT WAS NOWHERE NEAR 'TERRIFYING' - I was 1 million percent fine once we started and everything was soooo much less scary than I ever thought it could be.
I had to get a filling in my front tooth (this had been the biggest worry and confidence crusher of my life) and like anyone out there who needs a similar filling I was dreading it. So many COMPLETE IDIOTS had given me some really bad information that made me think this type of filling was a really painful thing to have done,- IT'S NOT.

I know you may have heard all this before but I'm 100% truthful when I say I had no pain at all from the start, never felt the injection (wasn't even sure he'd started) and while the sounds and smells are not ideal they barely even bothered me.

My advice to you is that the treatment will be so much easier if you can find a dentist who you can put your trust in and who is happy to go at your pace (yesterday's filling would normally take 15mins, whereas we went so slowly I must have been in there for an hour just taking things as I was ready).

I am so lucky to have found a great dentist (PM me for his details) who made all of this possible and that was really the key to me being able to move on.

I still need a few things done and a couple more visits but I am now fine with that, and even this time yesterday I could not imagine ever saying something like that.

This dentist is FANTASTIC!! (So fantastic that even though he's based outside the country I live in, I fly everytime I have an appointment as it's worth it). I just hope he realises he's given me my life back.


Junior member
Oct 4, 2008
What wonderful news, well done hun!!!!!!You should be SO proud of yourself!!!