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Never thought.



Dec 13, 2010
If you had of said to me even 3 months ago i would be sitting writing a success story i would have laughed at you. I guess I never like the dentist maybe i detected our family dentist was a bad dentist. When I was five years old i remember running around the room and the dentist getting angry with me and telling me by the time he comes back i better be on the damn chair... I finally got brave enough and was stupid enough to trust him. He then Jumped on top of me and took my two front teeth out without freezing them or anything. So this then left me deathly afraid of dentists :hidesbehindsofa:Through the rest of my Childhood i never got anything done apart from every couple of years i would have to go into hospital be knocked out and get a big chunk of baby teeth out and then the same during my teen years. When I was 15 I finally met a dentist who thought he could help me overcome my fear. And boy did the poor guy try. But sadly i only let him fill a few cavaties and then off i went. He told me i wouldnt' have a tooth left by the time i was 18. I had a chronic toothache and my teeth were wrecking my life. I could no longer smile. I couldn't eat loads of food like ice-cream, Bacon, anything chewy or crunchy. One of my back molars was shot and for 5 years i held on and on :o. In october 2010 I got the worst toothache of my life:mad: it spoilt my birthday and I had to make an appointment for the day after my birthday so it totally ruined what should have been a day of celebration, I also wanted to go to america and i knew with my teeth not even that they look bad but no insurance would pay out for someone who's teeth were already bad :cry: so I couldn't even travel anymore. Couldn't get my eyes tested coz someone would be too close to my face. No more smiles in photos and even in real life smiling was becoming rare. I called that old dentist to see if he would try and help me again sadly living in the uk dentists on the nhs is becoming a rarity and his clinic was full. I remember literally sobing because i finally got the courage up to even go and here i was unable to find a dentist. I had to call the doctor who put me in touch with the dentist in the next town. And i took some valium and went. When i got into the dentist i was so scared. He freaked out coz i was freaked out and couldn't get me out of his office quick enough. He fowarded my name to a community dentist in the hospital who deals with difficult patients and told me that they would give me laughing gas and everything would be fine :rolleyes:. When i arrived in December to the dentist she gave me a shock she told me there would no laughing gas i had to face my fear. I literally wanted to punch her in the face because i finally thought i was going to get the help i needed. :o. She said most people don't need the laughing gas and she likes to try and work on them without it because in the long run because in the future they won't rely on the laughing gas. :mad: I thought to myself screw that i don't want to face the fear gimme the gas. But she said nope. And that if i really couldn't do it she would then consider the alternatives. So i went home and cried like a baby. 16 days from then I had to go in to get that back molar out. I'm not going say it was easy I took like 6 panic attacks even at one point i got sick:sick:. But it was done and boy not having a toothache was heaven:rolleyes:. I had to go back in feb for an appointment every week for 5 weeks and got 9 fillings I am getting a 3 month break now which i am very pleased at :jump: I only have two teeth bottom row that is visble my top row looks perfect ;DI can smile again!

My advice to anyone reading this who is going through what i did.... I'm not gunna lie and say oh its so easy blah blah blah it's not it will probably take every bit of strength inside you to even make a phone call to the dentist. But you can do it. Our imagination is much worse than the actual event. And having a good understanding calm dentist def helps if you don't trust your dentist you won't go back and get your teeth dealt with. So find that dentist and trust me the difference it will make to your life will be huge and trust me very very worth it. And nothing in the world can beat that feeling when you walk out of the dentist knowing you conquered something that played so much havoc with your life. Finally Thank you to this page reading the success stories and the support really did make the journey so much easier :grouphug:

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