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New and terrified of dental appt coming up!



Junior member
Jun 8, 2017
Hi everyone!
New member here but just hoping for a place to vent my anxiety to!

I'm 30 and for a while, took good care of my teeth. My mom took me twice a year as a kid for exams and when I moved out of state w/ my husband, I went for a while. The first time I went back to the dentist while living on my own though after not going for probably 3 years I was told I had a bunch of cavaties, plus they wanted to replace all of my silver fillings (I had like 8) and then i decided to get some teeth bonded together because my braces failed me. I went to the dentist after this work but then moved and life got crazy and just began to blow it off. I probably haven't been in at least 3 years, but I finally made an appt today for a few weeks from now w/ the same office I went to a few years back. I have had these "sores" or whatever the heck they are that keep coming and going on the sides of my cheeks for probably 2 weeks now and they are cauing that part of my mouth to hurt/be sore and it's freaking me out. They sort of look look like canker sores but not really. (i know, makes no sense.) I am a HUGE hypochondriac, so my mind has been worried that I have oral cancer or that it's something terrible, so I am terrified to even go to the appt because I'm so afraid of what they will say. I'm also worried because even though i do have insurance, i'm afraid i will have another massive bill from them that I have no idea how i'll be able to pay off or that they will require me to pay it all upfront or refuse payment plans. :(

Sorry for the long probably useless rant, I just felt like I needed to get it out somewhere, lol. Thanks to anyone who read or who has any advice! :)
I'm sorry you're going through this. My mind tends to jump to the worst too. I would suggest you just go. It might not be nearly as bad as you think. I had a sore gum that he fixed with just his tool and also a bump that he told me would go away and it did. I thought my gums were rotting away and I had some huge cyst. Turns out both were nothing. You never know unless you make that first appointment. Honestly I think the first one is the worst. Good luck to you. I know you can do this. I think you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. :)
Hi pink bubble and welcome! I agree with elizv, our minds always go to the worse I'm not sure why but they do. I avoided the dentist for 24 years scared to death of being shamed and fearful of the amount of money it would cost even though I had insurance. I did not want another bill and put a burden on my family. But after a tooth fell out I figured I better go and I cried many many days before the appointment and had myself so worked up that I was ill I could hardly function. I went into it blindly and just picked a local dentist. You know what everything worked out fine all of that fear and shame I felt all of those years was such a waste of precious time. So you really have nothing to fear they are there to help you. And trust me they have seen it all! I never felt an ounce of pain through all of my procedures and my bills weren't that bad either although I did pay them off the dentist office would have allowed me to make payments! So take a deep breath and remember everything will turn out fine! You're on your way to eat healthier beautiful smile! Best of luck to you not that you're going to need it and keep us posted on how you're doing!!