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New bottom dentures need advice



Junior member
Feb 23, 2018
I had full mouth extraction the end of March and chose to wait for 10/12 weeks for gums to heal before having fitting of dentures done. Yesterday I left my final appointment with my new dentures. I know it’s very early days but I am finding it very hard to eat even soft food. My dentist gave me some polygrip which I have used since they were put in yesterday but when I eat my bottom denture comes unstuck and it’s like the front of the denture lifts up slightly when I try to chew even soft food at the back of my mouth it then is like loose and it nearly fell out at lunch time. I then find that it rubs slightly on the left side under my tonge the rest of the afternoon and by 5 pm I am so uncomfortable with them I take them out so I can eat my dinner and rest my mouth and don’t put them back in till the next morning. My top denture isn’t giving me any major problems just a bit of pressure from late afternoon on one spot on the front side area. Do I need to go back to my dentist on Monday and get the bottom ones adjusted or just keep doing what I am by taking them out at dinner time and over time my bottom ones will get better I just don’t know any advice would be great.
Hi Sammy I don’t have dentures (yet thinking of having my teeth I have left taken out & having implant dentures fitted)
If I was you I would go back to your dentist your dentures shouldn’t be lose & if they are making your mouth sore I would get them checked out.
I do have a Partial bottom Denture when I had that in it fitted very snug. I did have the odd place it was tender at first but I had five teeth out & it fitted straight away. I brought a denture liner (it was called Snug this was cushioned a bit & stopped the denture rubbing on my gum.
Sorry cant be much help.

I think you was was very brave having them out & none in for 12 weeks.
I’m scared to death about going & having my remainder teeth out & having dentures fitted.
Feel im to young for dentures (53) lol
Thanks for your reply I did keep them in today till 7pm but I only had weetabix ,soup and a banana all day so nothing that would have needed chewing to any degree. Thank you I did feel embarrassed about having no teeth a few times and I am 50 years old.
How you doing today with your denture? Hope your doing much better today. How many days you had your dentures?

Ive made appointment to see a Dentist about having my teeth out & dentures fitted. I know it sounds daft but I’m worried to death about the whole thing.
I hoping this site will help me & give me the support I will need.
Seem a bit better but I do still have two sore points and I am trying to just bear with them as only had the dentures 4 days now. Other then the two sore areas I feel quite comfortable with them.
Don’t be worried I found it a lot better then I thought it would be definitely not painful that’s for sure.
I posted the other day. I had all my bottom teeth taken out exactly two weeks ago. Anticipation was much worse than the procedure. When I first came home with my immediates I was pretty much able to talk fine right away once the novacaine wore off. Eating was rough as I felt like the denture would lift up. Sleeping with it was no issue. This past Thursday I had my first reline and it does feel better. Still slightly loose but I only want to use adhesive unless I really need it. I’m beginning to eat better as its kid not lifting up as much and I’m learning where to put my tongue. The whole thing has been so much better than I imagined. A little sore in front on bottom but doing great. There is hope for us.
That does give me hope too thank you. Let’s see how I get on today with them fingers crossed