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New Covid-19 safety procedures + gagging reflex, things to look out for?



Junior member
May 14, 2011
Hi everyone!
I have a very strong gagging reflex, making it impossible to be completely calm during x-rays and cleanings, but especially fillings.
I'm at that stage where I'm accepting and calm to start a new dentist and get a cleaning, knowing that I may need work done.

With that said, I've read many articles regarding dentists and how they are treating patients during covid. Using different tools and such for cleanings, some of which look pretty large and imposing for us with strong gag reflexes.

So I can familiarize myself with them and ease my anxiety, looking for ideas of what the industry is using to combat the spreading of particles and droplets during procedures. Names and pictures would be helpful too!

Thank you!
Hi Apolostar,

I don't have any names or pics of things used to combat particles and droplets to share but did want to encourage you, as a fellow gagger.. I have an awful gag reflux and they use kid xrays and impressions even due to small mouth. Well. I asked my dentist this question about post Covid and he reassured me he wasn't using any devices that would be be more gagging for me, which was relieving.

I do encourage you to tell your new dentist this straight up front so they know how to best make you comfortable when you are there. I used to dread gagging through treatment more and now that my dentist knows about it and we've really talked, I'm much more peace with things as they always take their time and are very careful with that part of things.
Hi @apolostarr I went to my dentist today and asked lots of questions before I went. I did not notice any difference in the size of the tools used. I understood that hygenists and using manual methods to descale teeth at the moment and foregoing the polish. Maybe it would be helpful to contact the dentist you are thinking of seeing and ask which treatments they are doing and what their protocols are. I found the experience a bit weird today - but totally controlled and still felt i would have been able to stop, leave... if it all became too much...... which it didn't. Good luck
Hi apolostarr,

I wouldn't have thought that the actual equipment has changed at all. We have a general (not COVID-specific) page on things that help with a sensitive gag reflex, in case you haven't already seen it:

Was there any article in particular that got you worried?