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New dental implant crown moving and popping



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Jul 9, 2022
Hi I was hoping for some advice on my new crown. Some background: last Wednesday I got a crown put on my dental implant (fake retained baby molar in the place of lower 2nd premolar). During the installation/adjusting process, the crown got stuck between its two neighbor teeth and could not be adjusted enough so floss could go between it and the next tooth, so I suspect it wasn't adjusted as much as needed. The dentist tried to pull it out for more adjustment but could not, even after giving me local anesthetic. On that day I was told to expect blanching for one day. I still had blanching on Friday and called the office and was told by the receptionist that was normal. The crown strongly shifted my other teeth (very painfully), so I can now floss again. However, starting yesterday (Saturday), sometimes when I swallow, or move my mouth or tongue in certain ways, the crown shifts or pops inwards with a scrapey pop that I can hear. It will also do this if I very gently touch it with my fingertip. Right now this crown is temporarily connected, not glued, and I will be going back to the dentist at the end of next week. My questions are is this normal, what is going on here, and what is your advice about this situation? Thank you.
This will most likely just be the sound of saliva moving inbetween your teeth creating the popping sound
@Kml1998 Unfortunately it isn't that. There is a scrape to the sound too, and I have looked in the mirror, and can see it pop and move inwards towards my tongue when I gently touch it with my finger.
Is it glued with temp cement? When do you go back to get it permanently glued?
@MountainMama I don't think any cement was used but I could have missed something. I know it is full of cotton and has the hole closed with temporary filling material. I have an appointment at the end of this coming week which I assumed was for the permanent gluing. I am hoping this popping and shifting is a normal situation for temporarily attached crowns.
I also just noticed have this small bruise kind of below it on my jaw. I don't know if I just got this last week from the rough pulling and handling, or from the injection in that area, or if it is something else. If you can't tell what is going on in that picture, that is the corner of my mouth in the upper left, the edge of my ear on the right of the picture, and my neck at the bottom.

Hang on... the crown was just put on as a friction fit and not cemented in any way? In that case no wonder it's making strange noises. It should be fine when it's properly cemented into place.

The bruising is most likely from the injection, sometimes (unavoidably) you can nick a small blood vessel with the needle and it can bruise a bit. It will go away fairly swiftly.
@Gordon It is screwed into the implant, then full of cotton with some temporary filling material in the hole on top, with no cementing. It is such a huge relief that you say this should go away when it is cemented on and that bruise is just from being injected there! Thanks so much Dr. Gordon for your help!