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New dentist

Mikey Boy

Mikey Boy

Well-known member
Dec 4, 2009
So tomorrow I’m going to see a new dentist that my sister goes to, to see what the difference in prices is like compared to the current one I’m going to and I’m really really nervous because this place has a lot of great reviews but then it has some bad reviews, so I’m very anxious and nervous as to how it’s gonna go Any advice would be much appreciated
I've been to places with almost 5* reviews ( only 4 of the 150ppl reviewing weren't that happy at one place).. I don't think it gives you the full picture in some cases. Yes it was a nice place, but I don't think it was amazing tbh, subsequently I no longer go.. after my dentist left, the replacement didn't seem to know how to help me, then came 2 expensive consultations & x-rays with no treatment (which is what I was getting on the nhs, only cheaper!) I decided to go elsewhere.
I was also asked to leave a positive review on my very first appointment which I didn't do, it's not long enough to make a proper decision imo. Maybe most of the others decided it was great at the first appointment, who knows.

The place I go to now is more expensive but better equipped so it's ok. I also found them from this site in the recommendations.. I prefer this place. It's also near 5*

There was another place (probably on a par with the current private dentist cost wise), also 5*, but he didn't listen and had his own agenda.. it's probably a great place for whitening/Invisalign/veneers etc.. I just wanted to be pain free. I never went back after the initial consultation..

Point being I don't think there's anything to lose by going to see what its like and I wouldn't worry too much about reviews, it's whether you're comfortable and get on with the dentist that matters, obviously cost is a factor too. Having not so great teeth gets expensive (I speak from experience!). Presumably your sister is happy there and has good experiences, I'd trust that.

I do remember my grandpa recommending his dentist, so I booked in the same place. After I came out of my 1.5hr appointment with white knuckles and 7 fillings he said "oh, that's not my dentist". Wonderful lol.

Just remember you've done this before and been ok, you can do it.. you can also leave if you're not comfortable too 👍. Good luck, I hope it works out well for you 😊
@Nicci so after talking about it with my parents I ultimately decided to stay with the dentist that I’m currently at because to me it just didn’t really make much sense to change dentist when I’m already comfortable where I am and I know exactly what the treatment plan is going to include and we can change it if we need to the place, I’m currently at is expensive but the people there are great so to me it’s worth it