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new denture wearer - extreme bone/gum pain



Junior member
Apr 29, 2006
Hi there, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice or tell me that this is normal...I'm getting more and more down with each day. I'm 36 yrs old, 7 weeks ago I had all my upper teeth extracted and all lowers except 6 front teeth removed. Exactly a week ago today I got my new dentures put in...I'm not having that much pain when they are in. I do have some bone fragments/shards coming through my gums (especially at the front and sides) and those do hurt at times when I bite down or chew. My real problem is the pain I experience removing and especially inserting the top denture. It feels like its scraping against the bone and it hurts so much that it makes my eyes water each time. I left them out all night last night, and this morning was so excrutiating when I put them in that I'm terrified to remove them for cleaning.

I should also mention the day the denturist was placing my denture in, he noticed a large bony mass at the front of my gums and said the denture would "crush the bone". I saw him a couple times last week and I just thought the pain on removing/inserting would get better in a few days as my gums got used to the denture. The denturist has instructed me to come back in about a month and he would see how much my gums had shrunk at that time.

Is this normal, and will it go away with time? I've done a lot of searching this past weekend and I haven't found anyone complaining of pain with removing and inserting their denture as I have. I'm so frustrated and worried about this that I'm just tempted to put the denture away for a couple weeks and hope that the bone/gums will heal by then. I love my new teeth, but it just isn't worth the trouble and pain right now. :(

Sorry this is so long, and thanks for any replies!
The denture needs adjusted as soon as possible. Immediate insertion dentures need reviewed within 48hrs ideally.