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New Denture Wearer Full of Regrets



Junior member
Mar 14, 2009
It's been 5 days and I cry every day for the decision I made. I know I'm suppose to give it time but I just can't see how this is ever going to work. I have to go back to the dentist on Monday for a reline but right not they are very loose and I can't seem to eat or drink anything and even adhesives are not helping. Am I just being a big baby? My dentist said that in about 8 weeks he can make me another set once I heal that would fit much better. Has anyone been through this?


Junior member
Mar 14, 2009
It will get better :)
Just takes time.

here's my experience:

third post


Sep 26, 2008
hey, I agree with the other poster, it really does get better with time. I am not 6 months into have new teeth. I really feel now that the dentures are my teeth.
I am truly happy with them. After years of bad teeth, I now have not pain and great looking teeth. I smile and laugh with lots of confidence now.
It's true that eating at first was a challenge, but as the time went on, I really got the hang of it.
It's true that I wouldn't want to bite into an apple, but that's about the only limitation I have. I eat everything else.
I had not eaten nuts or popcorn for years with my bad teeth, and now I love nuts - no problem crunching them up.
So hang in there, it really gets better.
And keep seeing the dentist. Your gums do keep changing shape for months, so you will end a reline to get a snug fit.