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New denture wearer question.



Junior member
May 6, 2018
It’s been 9 days since I had all my teeth extracted and dentures shoved in. Day 7 I had my first appointment for follow up and adjustments, when I left there my dentures were feeling good, fitting great and the rest of the day I did my thing, I chewed my first piece of gum and watched tv ya know boring stuff. I took my dentures out at night put them in my little denture bath, warm water and a cleansing tablet and went to bed. It was like 10:30pm I got up in the morning, i dunno maybe 8-9am (I had broken sleep anyways) but in stead of putting them in right away I just got something to eat and watched some tv then fell back to sleep until like 1 pm. Lol. This time I put them in right away but they didn’t want to fit anymore. The new issue with my top denture is the center plate a small area of it is pushing too hard against the roof of my mouth, like I said just in a small area on the left towards the front. The rest of the plate is sitting against the roof of my mouth but just against it not jabbing in to it like that other spot is. I finally got it in with pain, but I ignored it as best I could, eventually it stopped and started fitting better as the day went on. Then I did the same last night I took them out, out em in the bath and went to bed probably around 11pm this time and got up at around 8 am and put them in but now they didn’t want to go at all. Same spot but pushing even hard now. I had to numb the roof of my mouth first to get it in and be able to stand the pain. It’s the 9th day! I know I’ll be swelling up and down for a while but my gums don’t seem or feel THAT swollen. Is it being normal? Or do I need ANOTHER adjustment only 2 days after my last one.
Hi Dbagga, I‘m not a dentist and do not have an explanation for you about why the denture doesn‘t fit now, but this is what I know: when your denture doesn‘t fit, your dentist can adjust that and it‘s ok even when this has happens in a short interval of time. Do not worry about seeing your dentist too often because of this, he/she will be used to have people returning with dentures repeatedly. If I were you, I wouldn‘t try to put the dentures in despite pain and please do not numb your mouth to get through that. If there is a area where the denture seems to be too tight, it can hurt your gums if you ignore it and I am sure your dentist would rather prefer you to come in. :)
Hi Dbagga,

I do have a bottom partial denture and the first one I got was awkward and uncomfortable at first but not painful like you describe.. then I got it redone after I lost a few more teeth and that time it WAS.. if it is painful enough to have to numb your mouth to get it in. I would definately ask them, the way you describe it would be irritating for sure, start by calling and explaining the situation. I hope it gets better for you.
I appreciate the replies. I’ll definitely give them a call, most likely tomorrow just in case my mouth decides to change again lol. But I do have a reason why I came to ask other people in stead of gone straight to the dentist. See my dentist isn’t wanting to make any changes. She says because my mouth is still healing it will hurt and I have to just toughen through it because she doesn’t want to make to many changes to the denture. I think it’s because if she makes too many changes and my mouth heals at the end in such a way where she took too much off that it doesn’t fit right anymore then they’re ruined. See I use California Denti-Cal and even though it was all paid for they only pay for 1 set of dentures. Period. And my dentist in stead of making a temporary set of immediate dentures they make a set of permanent immediate dentures. Meaning I get them right away but they are the set I get forever (or until the 5 year replacement recommendation comes up) anyways so, after 1 year they take my dentures and send them to the factory for a reline but that’s it. I’ve had such a hard time getting my dentist to make any changes at all so I wanted to ask. Also I’ve only been wearing them for 9 days (I know I said that already) so I do know my mouth still have to get used to them, and build up the tolerance to them my gums do have to toughen up and I know in these first weeks some pain is acceptable. I’m just trying to find out what is normal for new denture wearers and what I should be concerned about. Again I thank everyone for taking their time to answer :)