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New denture wearer



Junior member
Aug 12, 2010
I just got dentures last Thur. Going thru the adjustments

Can anyone please tell me how the teeth are suppose to sit?
On the sides where you chew

Are the back teeth suppose to touch?

Right now, my canines are resting on my premolars. Preventing me from chewing.

Thanks for any help
Hi me,

You should be able to find a position where all your teeth meet at the same time. If this is not the chase best to ask your dentist to check them out of you. You will find that you have to chew in a different way to when you had your own teeth. However, once the dentures are correctly adjusted you should get used to it fairly quickly.

Thank you Dr.
Every time I bite down it puts pressure on the front of the denture.

Even tho I'm only 5 days into this, I think I could chew more dense foods.
I was blessed with having no pain
Great that you have no pain but I think you should get the bite checked as it sounds like some adjustment may help things along,
Thank you
I go this thurs