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New flipper partial.



Junior member
Sep 10, 2016
This my first post and I hope it's in the right place.
Yesterday I had two front teeth extracted and was given a flipper partial. I have to say that the thing at this point is a miserable thing to have in my mouth. It's almost impossible to eat anything other mashed potatoes. My Girl friend says" give it some time you'll get used to it". And I'm sure she's right. I'm wondering how long it takes to get used to this?
What I want to do is have all the remaining teeth extracted and just go with a full upper denture. But my Dentist say's I have too many teeth. He also said eventually I will lose all of these teeth anyway. Why not just go ahead and get it over with? Seems to make sense to me. Maybe I'm just venting but thanks for listening or maybe reading is more appropriate. :brickwall:
Well, I'd give it longer than a day to get used to it. :p Honestly, partials can be a little tricky, I know my grandmother has one and it took her a few days to get used to.

Also, the reason they don't want to extract the teeth now is probably because you would be at risk of bone loss otherwise. Might as well hold on to that bone as long as you can. I had full extractions, and while bone loss isn't something I have to worry about yet, down the road I may need to address it.

Anyway any adjustment in your mouth can be hard - it's your mouth, you're kind of constantly aware of it if something isn't right, at least at first. But time heals all. Hang in there :)
Thanks Sevena! I appreciate that and your right. One day isn't much of a chance to see how it's going to work out. It's just real loose and right now I'm having to protect the extraction sites. Maybe once they have healed I can have it adjusted or something. But thanks again.:)
As far as I knew a "flipper" is just meant to be a temporary solution. It holds the space to stop your teeth from shifting and so people don't see a gap in your smile. but is not really great for eating or chewing on. When you are healed enough from the extraction you would decide on a more stable and permanent replacement like a bridge or an implant or even a better fitting more stable partial denture
That's what I'm understanding as well. I think my dentist is trying to save me some money by not putting in an expensive appliance that will just have to be thrown away with my next extraction. For that I'm grateful. But historically I go 5 and 6 years between these events. It's frustrating. Kind of like going to Vegas and gambling on when your next tooth will need come out.
There are different types of partial dentures. depending on what they are made of it is sometimes possible to just "add a tooth" to it if you need an additional extraction in the future. When you are healed up enough you should ask your dentist about that, but I am not sure how expensive they are. Still it sounds like you would not be happy just staying in a flipper for possibly years
This my 3rd day with it and I can take it out now and clean it. It seems to be fitting a little better but it has some rough spots on it that need to be addressed. I'm going to take it back and see if they can fix the rough spots. I'll talk to them about something different then.