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New here diagnosed with gum disease



Junior member
Mar 5, 2022
Hi I've been seeing a dentist since lockdown had very bad tooth ache struggled to get in with a dentist finally had a filling then everything spiralled from there another two fillings and diagnosed with gum disease I admit this past year I had a new baby (my 4th and a misscarrige )death of my father not really kept up with brushing neglected myself but now impatinoied and anxious about my teeth started of brushing too hard the dentist said some of the gum disease is not too barbie I grind my teeth also in my sleep I feel it's contributing I have a guard but it makes me do it more I can't control the grinding cause I don't realise I'm doing it
Hi @Karin21

I also have gum disease and grinding. I get Botox injections in my masseter for that, but it wears off after 2 months and I’m only allowed to get the shots every 3 months. How are things going for you? So sorry to hear about the miscarriage and your father.