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New here + need advice please



Oct 14, 2015
Hello I'm new to this forum but have spent most of my adult life having extreame dental phobia ....I have had my fair share of not nice treatments but got through it ...problem for me is I go to the dentist and a simple filling might get an absess this happened 16 years ago I had a filing behind a front tooth ...within days I was in pain so I went back I had an absess so the dentist root canalled it and over time it's discoloured ? ....I was only in my 20s now in my 40s the tooth looks thin compared to the healthy one next to it the filling behind the dead tooth is black and feels so rough like its coming off...I keep feeling it with my tounge ...I think about it I wake up at night worrying .....I think should I have it bonded capped or will that make problems arise again...like last time. It's a front tooth so its so important to me....anybody know what I should do ...I'm so affraid its controling my life ..any advice would be welcomed.
Popcorn 7


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

I had a tooth rct'd in my 20's that was a bottom front tooth. They do discolour over time so don't worry. I had mine until a couple of months ago but it wasn't my tooth that went it was my gum that was the problem. There is no reason why you should lose this tooth as long as you aren't in pain and as long as you maintain good oral hygiene. I am nearly 60 so you have quite a few years to go to catch up.

I understand your fear as I have been there and for most of my life my teeth have been in the front of my mind effecting what I eat and I on many occasions thought that my teeth would break or fall out or something terrible was going to happen, it didn't.

To be sure of the condition of the tooth go and see a dentist and let them have a look :butterfly: