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New here. Need wisdom teeth removed. Declined their offer. Petrified.



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Mar 21, 2015
Hi everyone.
Didnt think I'd find myself here.
I hate the Dentist (obviously!) I hadn't been for a few years due to cost and the fact it was suggested I needed a small white filling. Anyway, I ended up having to go due to an infection in one of my wisdom tooth, which after Dr Google had informed, was impacted.
I've had a 'teething' feeling every so often for a few years, thinking my wisdom teeth were simply coming through and were a little late (I'm 29). I'd never had a teething issue like this one before and it had turned into an infection. I had to go to the Dentist. She confirmed this and gave me Metrinidazole (sp?) and suggested I needed that tooth out for sure. I politely declined the referral as both bottom teeth are very deeply impacted and would require a general anaesthetic. I'm a full time single mum, I work and I'm at university so I really don't have the time to be recovering.
Since the appointment, I am still having some trouble - both bottom gum area surround those teeth and have started to reconsider the surgery as I really don't want an infection like the last one.
Please can I have some advice on what recovery is like (honestly!) from very impacted teeth. I am terrified.
I get a lot of mouth ulcers and strep throat which doesn't help matters.
Thanks in advance.
I'm looking at getting my 2 top ones out since I wasn't born with bottom ones and now my top ones are growing out funny.

My sister had all 4 of hers pulled out at once. She was tired and sore the day she came back- she slept the rest of the day, but she was back to normal the next day and never bothered to take any of the pain killers they gave her. She was numbed up very well but fully awake for the procedure (at least I don't think they gave her gas).

I still remember how freaked out it made me when I heard her teeth breaking - they have to do that to pull them out in such a small spot (so it doesn't hurt the gums even more than if they wiggled them back and forth). That sound has stayed with me and it's made me rather nervous about getting mine out. I normally am fine just getting a few needles to numb myself up, but I'm highly considering getting some gas if/when I get mine pulled out.

My theory is that those 2 wisdom teeth won't give me any more trouble once I get them pulled out. Not sure what will happen to the spacing of my upper teeth though with all that extra room.
Hi Laura,
I'm not sure what kind of recovery time you'd be looking at. I'm a lot older, 45. I wrote about my experiences in a post bye bye wisdom teeth (over 40). Honestly, I think if I were younger & hadn't gotten dry socket, I think I would have been able to go back to work on Monday after a Friday surgery. It helped having surgery early Friday morning, I was able to sleep for the rest of the day. If you can find my posts & read them, I'd be happy to answer any questions about my experience.