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New molar crown margin



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Aug 13, 2010
Wondering if anyone can help I’ve just had a new molar crown put on. Previously tooth was root canalled & filled! It looks ok except I can see the Black margin around the gum line? Do you think this is acceptable from a private dentist? It’s not that bad and is a back tooth? I just didn’t expect to see a black margin? It also feels quite tight at the mo! Should it settle in a few days? I have such dental anxiety getting this crown has been an ordeal for me
Thanks for any info
You've presumably paid a fair bit of money for this, so your dentist should be happy to answer these questions for you, it's part of what you've paid privately for!

It's hard to comment without seeing the crown sorry.
To add to Gordon's comments. Typically dentists place margins under the gums in front teeth that are visible and above the gum in the back. Why? It is kinder to the gums.
The black area is generally the metal margin in a PFM crown.
Again ask your dentist.
Thanks for the advise Gordon and comfort dentist! I think it was just the shock of seeing the black line there? It’s already less noticeable as the gum has settled a bit! I trust my dentist totally she is brilliant so I’m sure she’s done it right I think I was just a bit alarmed after first having it done! The tooth feels a bit chunkier than the original but I understand this too is as it’s for strength as the porcelain is laid over the metal! As it’s a back upper molar it’s not really visible unless I smile like a horse!! So for me now as long as it’s painfree that’s all I care about! Thanks for the advise though guys! After this crown procedure it’s def made me less scared of the dentist! I think it’s helped that I’ve found a caring lady dentist who understands i’m nervous :)
An update on my crown...a week after placement it has started hurting when I chew on it? I didn’t have this in previous root canalled filled tooth or temporary? I was a bit excessively flossing my teeth a few nights ago and this new crown has a very tight gap to next tooth and I’m wondering if I have sprained the ligament or something snapping the floss invand out! I am so scared to go back to the dentist right now as I thought it was all done with? Do you think I should leave it a few more days or ring to go back?
Go back, it might just need a slight adjustment to the bite.
Thanks Gordon she did check the bite twice after she did it? once when lying down and then I asked her to repeat when sitting up? She said it was fine! I’m so scared right now in case it has to come out as I feel it’s last chance saloon for this tooth! I have always taken ages to recover from dental procedures (I’m diabetic) so wondering if maybe it could be a sprained ligament as she had to tug on the tooth quite a lot to get temporary crown off and it was very sore the first day! I guess this week is the first time I’ve chewed harder foods on it? Anyway will ring back and ask for an appt! Feel like such a nuisance!
Sometimes the teeth drift a bit after putting a crown on, I think its because the temps are quite soft, adjusting it is all part of the service.
So I just went back to dentist as crowned tooth is quite sore now! She couldn’t see any marks on occlusion paper initially but then I chomped down really hard everyway and she saw a tiny blue spot in the middle of the crown! ( which she’s now drilled down) also the crown was very tight to tooth behind it and I could hardly floss it so she’s used polishing paper to loosen that a tiny bit! I’m really hoping that this stops the crown chewing pain!
How quickly can I expect the soreness to go away? She didn’t X-ray it as she doesn’t suspect a failed root canal! I’m really hoping she’s right ?
It should start improving right away and be pretty well back to normal in 48 hrs. It never failed to amaze me the contortions some patients could get their jaws to do when they were biting. Especially when I asked them to bite on something...
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I just tried eating a sandwich and it still hurts to chew! It doesn’t feel much different from before she did the adjustment! Im really starting to think maybe it got cracked doing the crown prep (even though it was ok with the temp crown) or it’s got reinfected! I feel sick I’m so worried ???
Does it feel different when you close your teeth together, like there's something sort of "missing", if she got rid of the high spot, then you should have noticed it really quickly.
Last night I really though it was infected I didn’t sleep all night! (Mostly worrying & googling molar extractions! I’m a nightmare!) But today it’s been about 70% better! I chewed a sandwich carefully on it and it was ok (a jelly sweet later still hurt!) so I’m going to keep off it for a few more days then I’m back to dentist Monday for a diff dentist (the usual one is away) to check it again and maybe get an X-ray? Wondering if I have sinus issues going on as have pressure/pain in cheek above that tooth and also slightly in other cheek too! Just hoping it will return to normal soon! Thanks for advice Gordan