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New page: How much should I tell my new dentist?



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
People often ask how much they can tell their new dentist about what caused their fears. Not everyone wants to disclose this, but those who do are often left wondering how much they can safely disclose without a dentist thinking they are weird or difficult.

We now have a new article on our website, written by a dentist (Fraser Hendrie), which tackles this question and hopefully provides some answers for those of you who've been wondering about this:

Difficult Conversations – How much should I tell my new dentist?
This is a fantastic article, really wish it had been available 3 years ago when I was looking for a dentist after avoiding them for 20+ years.
I know many medical professionals will have seen patients with diverse backgrounds however it's very difficult to disclose personal information, particularly if you have strong feelings of guilt or shame and are worried about being judged.
This article was very reassuring so thank you for producing it and sharing it here.
This is an amazing article , I took Frasers dental fear course he offers through his website early on after joining this site and it was really helpful for anyone interested in really looking at your dental fear.! He truly has such a patient kind heart for dental fear patients that is so evident, as does @Gordon @drhirst , @Dr. Daniel ,@comfortdentist who graciously help us all on regular basis. and I"m sure do so much more to make their own patients comfortable. Thanks for sharing this!!
Wow. Can’t stop reading this over and over again and I will quote it wherever I go. What a lovely article and how encouraging. As 1701 suggests, wished this had been available years ago.
It is a very good article, I am certain lots of readers will benefit from it.
To my understanding, this article addresses a very specific situation: when you present yourself to a new dentist for the first time. Funny enough, I also addressed this situation on the video "stating your needs" but from a totally different perspective.

This article and my videos address this situation differently. To my understand, the article describes very well the dentists' perspective (while written for dentally fearful people). However, my video is more about the patient's point of view (make the anxiety the first priority, wait and see how the dentist reacts).