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New pain really worried



Feb 19, 2020
North west

I had an upper left molar (biggest one) extracted almost 8 weeks ago. It was cracked and had an abscess.

I’ve been eating on my right side since the extraction. I’m now getting pain in the same tooth on the right side!

Pain is mild, not constant, dull with occasional sensitivity to hot and cold.

I’m terrified something is really wrong, I can’t go to a dentist with the current situation and after the abscess and extraction I’m more frightened than ever. Could it be from overuse? I’ve also got a bit of a cold, I know sinus issues can cause pain.

I had that with my molar extractions. I also panicked and had it checked out. Turns out mine was from more contact on that tooth once the other one was gone. So basically my bite was off. I also clenched my teeth at night, which would make it worse. I am not a dentist so I can’t say that is what is happening with you.
Hi Jenni32 is the tooth in question filled?
Hi, yes it does have a filling in it.
OK, well very difficult to say, but there is a chance it may be related to your sinuses from the symptoms you describe. If it had not had a filling in it, I would have said very likely to be sinus but as it has one, we will have to see how it goes. Keep us informed.
Thanks. Do you think it could possibly be bruised or sprained from over using since the extraction on the other side?
Unlikely, unless you have been grinding or clenching at night, which is possible even without realising you are doing it.
Thanks very much. I feel like I may have been clenching, I’ve definitely caught my self doing it recently while I’ve been awake.
Another thing I’ve noticed- it seems worse when I’m sitting up rather than lying down. Does that mean anything? Thanks.
possibly sinus, especially if bending forward or jogging down stairs aggravates it.