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New partial dentures



Junior member
Apr 1, 2022
Hey guys. New to the group but would welcome some positivity ❤ I had my front tooth extracted yesterday and am due the other front upper then the the 2 front lower. I'm 52!! Is it OK to take out every time after eating? Do any of you guys still feel debris underneath the plate after eating? Is it OK to take out and rinse maybe 4/5 times a day? I'm using Fixodent.....

I have a upper plate for 2 teeth . I only use it when out of the house and it stays in without fixodent . I often take mine out for a rinse .
@Jackieallen thankyou. I'm just about to tuck in to a roast lamb dinner! Not sure whether to leave in or out x
Out ...or in sometimes it good to get used to eating with it in it helps to save the pressure on other teeth . Damn i want a lamb roast jealous