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New partial, speech sounds funny.



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Feb 27, 2014
(Just realized this is probably in the wrong thread. Not sure how to delete it.)

Hi. I'm new to this site and just want to say it's great! I've gotten so much advice already. I had a question about speaking with partial dentures, though. Background: im 23, ive always had very bad teeth but yesterday I had 6 top teeth pulled (3 in the front) and a partial put in. I know it's probably still early but I feel like my speech sounds funny. It doesn't really feel swollen anymore so I don't think it's that. The dentist also said it might not be in 100% because it was swollen when she put it in. But I haven't tried pushing it in more because it's still sore. I'm just wondering if I will sound funny talking for awhile or if it will probably get better when it's fitting perfectly? And if I am just going to sound weird, is there anything I can do about it? It's mostly the "th" and "f" sounds. Any advice?
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Feb 6, 2013
Isle of Man
Hello and well done for going and getting work done:jump:
I have been through where you are now and wondered how to get over the speech issue, I wasn't sure if I had to practice or whether it would just correct itself, I found it sounds worse to the speaker cause they hear it from inside and it's very close to our ears, I recorded myself and listened to it ! For you it's early days yet your tongue being a muscle just has to get used to being in a slightly different position it isn't really something you have to consciously do it comes back itself I did read things out loud and sang to the radio etc just because it's putting the tongue through the act of performing and shaping the letters so it's practice for it. Just try and forget about it and suddenly it will be back to normal, if you think about it you automatically subconsciously try to alter it.
well done again and speedy healing xx