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New prescription of fluoride is 2800ppm previously 5000 - confused



Mar 4, 2020
I’ve been on prescription Fluoride as dentist advised and wrote due to my wear and sensitivity. I have always been on 5000. This was what previous norm dentist gave and that was maybe 2 years ago and up until last month it was 5000. I then advised public dentist that ran out as it’s them I’m under now and I’ve checked the prescription and notice it’s a bigger tube (yay) as more but that it says 2800 instead. Rather than the usual smaller one at 5000. I wondered is there much difference, should I say to them? I regularly get checks up and fluroide varnish applied often because of teeth needs.
Just unsure if 2800 will be fine and odd that its changed when everything still same
Probably somebody wrote the wrong thing on the prescription. Phone and double check with them.
There's not a huge difference between the 2 so it's no big deal if you want to leave it for a bit and not phone.