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Junior member
Jan 5, 2022
*i apologize if this is the wrong thread*
i posted for the first time early this morning in a panic after 3 sleepless nights of reading. long story short, i have an odontoma (i think its complex, but unsure) it’s located on my top gum, about the size of a very plump grape (only thing i could think of LOL)

i scheduled my first dentist appointment after being being absent in the dentist office for 10 years (embarrassing to say as i am only 19) i am a tad nervous but am hopeful it will be just the basic first time patient things, but i am most nervous that they will say the condition of this tumor has progressed to the untreatable, unremovable.

i am choosing to get this removed by a maxillofacial surgeon versus a regular OS; just a preference of mine. i have been in contact with a surgeon and his office, and they seemed confident that their professionals could remove this, which has given me comfort. i have to wait and send them the x-rays after my appointment on the 17th, for more information on the tumor itself and the treatment plan. i am going under general anesthesia, and this is ALL going to be my first ever surgery, stitches, sedation and recovery.
is this surgery as bad as i think it is?

i’d love to hear from a dentist and their knowledge on odontomas, and the removal of them but would also really love to see similar people with this.