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New to having a crown. Got few questions



Dec 17, 2011
I got crowns less than a month ago. I am new to this stuff.

I am nervious about the crown will somhow come off. I was eating using a long metal spoon too very carefully then it hit one of my crown teeth. It happend 2 times already and recently I was drinking with a straw and I accidently bite the straw lightly but it felt so hard since my crown is still sensitive.

I dont have medicare but I have a monthly payment dental insurence. Now that I've done the crowns I am planning to stop the dental insurance subscription and Just brush everyday and keep my tooth clean but I am nervious what if the crowns come off?

If the crowns ever come off and I go to my dentist that done the work to let them re-crown.... do they charge fee? or free of charge?

How long doe's a crown usually last before it starts to loose and come out?

What will happend to the cavity hole inside the crowns? Do it stop itself from getting deeper? People around me question about it and afraid the cavity that is covered by the crown will get deeper without us knowing since it is covered by crown.


Junior member
Nov 7, 2011
I am no dentist, but I have a few crowns (getting one replaced next week), so I'll throw in my two cents from my personal experience....

1) Nothing in life is free. :D Crowns shouldn't come off. The dentist would probably not charge if it was his fault, though.

2) I've had one of my crowns for about 18 years, and it's still there. Never came off (and that includes when I had impressions taken for a crown directly below it - they just about had to pry my mouth open for that, so that was a lot of 'sticky' force).

3) They removed all the decay before they put the crown on. The one I'm having replaced next week is because I got new decay on the margins (along the edge where the crown meets the gum).

I'm not nervous about my crowns - I've been assured that unless something's wrong, they should not come off. And if something IS wrong where it would come off, that's a good thing, kinda (else it could make a bad problem worse).

I chomp merrily on beef jerky on my back molar crowns, and that's a lot tougher than biting down on a straw.... :D