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New Upper Dentures 5 weeks of Misery



Junior member
Dec 2, 2015
Milford, NH
I had my uppers out 5 weeks ago and things are not getting better. I am in constant agony. I have hard ridges of bone that are sore and blisters. Some of them pop and bleed. No matter how much they adjust the denture it hurts bad and I cannot bite down in the back. On the right side the denture is actually digging into my jaw. It's now hurting all the way down to my throat and hurts to swallow. I went to the ER because I thought I had strept throat. They said it was the denture. My entire face hurts bad. they said I was my migraines so I went to my neurologist and he gave me something other than what I take now and it didn't help. Neurologist said it was my teeth. The bones hurt all the time. Constant pain, can't eat at all , after 5 weeks, drinking Atkins shakes. This cannot be normal. they said if I'm in that much pain I should go to an oral surgeon. What??? After they did this to me!!! I don't get it.. Is this normal?
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it will get better in tiny, almost unnoticed increments.... I'm 3 months in and can say it's not the soul sucking agony anymore... Or I just adjusted (hate that word now) to the pain and depression.

keep going for adjustments... Allegedly, at some point in the distant future you will hardly notice.. Amazing what the body can endure.

do all the things suggested, saltwater, honey, pray..

Sorry im not more positive, but at least you can be assured you are not alone.. I truly believed there was something terribly wrong and this couldn't be normal. After many visits and X-rays I was chasisted to be patient and eventually it would become my normal :frantic:

read the threads of those that did have success, TW, bugz ect... Research and follow through on any tricks you find...

You can't go back, believe if wishing worked I would have, caution others before they do this

good luck and God bless!